Sherlock Holmes : L'Edition Complete de Arthur Conan Doyle Epub, PDF

Sherlock Holmes : L'Edition Complete de Arthur Conan Doyle
Editeur: La Décimale (27 janvier 2013)
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This volume, authorized by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's estate, contains all 4 full-length novels and all 56 short stories featuring Sherlock Holmes. At over a thousand pages, the weighty tome is a perfect gift for budding amateur sleuths, and it is an ideal companion for a long stay on a desert island (or a leisurely trip through the English countryside). As the reader wades past the tense introductions of A Study in Scarlet and moves towards such classic tales as The Hound of the Baskervilles, 'The Adventure of the Speckled Band,' and 'The Final Problem,' she is sure to draw her own conclusions about Holmes's veiled past and his quirky relationship with his 'Boswell,' Watson. Doyle never revealed much about Holmes's early life, but the joy of reading the complete Holmes is assembling the trivia of each story into something like a portrait of the detective and his creator. By the end of the long journey through London and across Europe (with a long stopover at Reichenbach Falls), one is apt to have found a friend for life. --Patrick O'Kelley

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'Arthur Conan Doyle is unique in simultaneously bringing the curtain down on an era and raising one on another, ushering in a genre of writing that, while imitated and expanded, has never been surpassed' (Stephen Fry)'Sherlock Holmes is the very foundation stone of the edifice that is crime fiction' (The Times)'I read these stories when I was a child and discussed them endlessly with my grandfather: one of my earliest literary memories. I know all the solutions off by heart now but it doesn't matter because the brilliance of the stories lies in the relationship between Holmes and Watson, which is both funny and touching' (Jonathan Coe Sunday Express)'Now, as in his lifetime, cab drivers, statesmen, academics, and raggedy-arsed children sit spellbound at his feet -proof, if proof were needed, that Doyle's modesty of language conceals a profound tolerance of the human complexity... No wonder, then, if the pairing of Holmes and Watson has triggered more imitators than any other duo in literature. Contemporary cop dramas draw on them repeatedly' (John Le Carre The Times)'Too much Holmes is no more likely than too much foie gras and no less desirable... Will delight his fans' (Oliver Marre Observer)

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